Te Quiero

[flv:http://www.agreenproject.org/0Zapata/AS3_video_playlist_player/video_gallery_1/video5.flv http://www.agreenproject.org/WordsForThousandsImages/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/Te-Quiero-150×150.jpg 400 324 # http://www.agreenproject.org/WordsForThousandsImages/wp-content/plugins/kvs-flv-player/kt_player/kt_player.swf%5D



At the end of a dark stage in my life, arose a light that would brighten my world like
a flare. Her name is Debbie. She flipped my mind, returning me to creative thinking,
something that had long vanished. The world was suddenly new and fresh. I opened to
Life for the first time, and each day we experienced together was filled with an
innocent joy.

We are in love with each other and with this second opportunity for happiness that
Life has given us. Saying “I Love you”….it is not enough in comparison to the
feelings that emerge when we are together. We treasure every second, every instant,
every moment as they become Infinity.


In the earliest days of our relationship, Marco made a CD for me with songs that he
claimed explained better than he could in words how he felt about me. This song was on
that CD and nearly six years later I still cry whenever I hear it. To think that I had
met someone who could and did love me the way I had always hoped to be loved….it took
my breath away then and always will.

When I see this video I remember our walks in the Arizona desert, discovering an entire
hidden world full of adventure, color, and life. We looked for yellow, purple, green.
We tried to see what others missed or never even thought about searching for. I think
we continue to live with that idea in mind. We take a child-like joy in the most simple
things of life: being together, listening to the birds, watching the clouds, always
looking for the beauty that surrounds us.

One phrase in the song is that the singer loves his lady as far as from the Earth to
the Sun. I sometimes have a hard time understanding Spanish when it is sung, and I
confess I still think that he says he loves her the way the Earth loves the Sun. Either
way is poetry, and either way it is our life together.




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