Por Ti Volare

[flv:http://www.agreenproject.org/0Zapata/Videos_Zapata_List/PorTiVolare.flv http://www.agreenproject.org/WordsForThousandsImages/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/PorTiVolare00004-150×150.jpg 400 324 # http://www.agreenproject.org/WordsForThousandsImages/wp-content/plugins/kvs-flv-player/kt_player/kt_player.swf%5D


Life is unpredictable but in our first separation, the physical distance forced upon
us will not be allowed to destroy the sweet love that in such a short time helped us
to create our magic world.

Joined by our thoughts, our feelings and in company with the stars and the moon, we
have a link that helps us fly and come together in a part of the Universe. This helps
strengthen us to wait patiently for our desired re-encounter that seems so near yet so
far away.

Mountains, deserts, seas: no obstacle will prevent our love from maturing. Optimism
and confidence prevail in our hearts. We know that our dreams soon will be reality.



Valentine’s Day 2010. The day Marco had to leave. The day my lovely new world seemed to
stop turning. We spent 50 years searching for each other and now we would have to be
apart until mid-June when I could join him in our next home. Only four months? It felt
like a lifetime….an eternity. The hardest thing I have ever done was walk away from
that bus station all alone.

I cried rivers of tears. I knew that Marco was with me, part of me, but he himself was
not there. He had given me energy; I gave him tranquillity. But the first days apart
all I felt was that he was gone from my side and I was alone with a broken heart.

Then he made this video. And I learned to fly.


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