Linked with the Universe

I am flying and I see everything so small that I think I can take it all in my hand.
The moon is a beautiful silver coin and the stars turn on and off, some with different
colors. This is Magical!!

But what’s happening? I am falling…..I cannot stop falling!! HELP!! OH, HELP!!

I landed suddenly in a room that was nearly dark, but I could see a baby in a cradle
that was glowing in a bright light. The baby was covered with a transparent sheet. In
one corner stood a man in a shining white coat, talking with three other people.Seconds
later my fall continued and so did my cries for help.

I wake up at last, screaming for help. My parents, Jose and Reyna, hurry to calm me,
to help me go back to sleep. This recurring nightmare was one of my earliest memories,
one I never understood completely.

When I was three or four years old I asked my mother why I had this same dream every
night. She told me that the scene in my nightmare was true, but neither she nor my
father could explain how I could describe it so exactly.


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