Welcome to our Identity Day 2014 blog!! I’m just going to get things rolling quickly
here today since I seem to have lost track of time a bit. We are now less than two
weeks away from the Identity Day 24 Hour Challenge coming up on June 21-22 but I have
been lollygagging along as if it was still months away.

The original idea for Identity Day was to remind people to be proud of their country,
their roots, their traditions; to celebrate Mexico and all things Mexican. But now we
would also like to expand on the idea of Identity. In the next postings I will explore
the many different aspects of Identity and how it affects our lives as citizens of the

In our last blog (for Earth’s Day in April) there was a glitch that kept comments from
appearing after they were posted. Hopefully that will be fixed this time around but if
not, I will copy and paste as needed so feel free to join the discussion anytime.

That’s all for today, I’ll be back in a couple of days full of deep thoughts and much
wisdom….well, I will try, anyway. HA!! Oh, a quick update for those of you who read
our previous blog and saw the pictures of our corn being planted: it is now shoulder
high and today I saw the beginnings of tassels on quite a few of the stalks!


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