One of my favorite movies is called Steppin’ Out, starring Liza Minelli. She teaches a
group of clumsy amateurs how to tap dance, and they take part in a charity show. At the
dress rehearsal, Liza changes a sequence of steps and tells her group not to worry, it
is good luck to make a last minute change. They do not really believe her, but they do
end up being the star act of the show, so it must have worked.

WELL….we have made a few last minute changes to our plans for the Earth’s Day 24 Hour
Challenge coming up Saturday. Marco and I had not planned to set up a tent anywhere; we
were going to simply leave the house and walk, with a few swings by our friend’s farm
where Event Headquarters would be.

Then we decided we should be there before start time so we could complete the first few
laps of the day on the 3.2 mile course that is set up. That meant leaving our house at
4:30 a.m. in order to walk to the farm, do those laps and be on our merry way to the
countryside. No problem so far.

I must confess that I did not want to take the tent and all the stuff that goes along
with it. I was looking forward to simply walking. But now I understand that I was
mixing business with our personal life. These events are business in the sense that we
try our hardest to coax people off of their fannies and out into the open air. We
cannot do that if we are not there on site to share ourselves with any people who might
show up. We have become sadly accustomed to tons of people telling us they will appear,
and then being completely alone on course for most of the 24 hours. But our business is
to be there no matter what, and I finally realized that.

So I asked Marco if sometime between now and our next event (Dia De La Identidad on
June 21~22) he and I can have a 24 Hour Challenge just for the two of us, where we will
leave the house and walk until we want to stop. He agreed, and I have spent most of the
day getting out the tent, the ice chest, and all the other goodies we usually take with
us to our 24 Hour events.

Also, I have realigned my focus for my share of the walking. I had not been thinking
of personal records or measuring distance at all, but now I will try to complete 55
miles walked during the 24 hours. My best is 50 miles with ten minutes to spare, so I
can only hope that all the stars and planets will be in proper alignment for me this
weekend. But no matter what distance I manage to complete, I will have made my best
effort on that day, and that as always is the important thing to remember. Do what you
can in the best way you can. Engage your entire spirit, focus 100 percent of your Self
in your efforts, and you will pass the Challenge, whether it is 24 Hours or a lifetime.


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