Earth’s Day 24 Hour Challenge 2014 is getting closer!! Are you ready? Do you have your
activity planned? Or will you wake up on April 19th and let inspiration guide your day?
Whichever it is and whatever you do, we hope you enjoy every moment…and don’t forget
to tell us all about it!!

And what are WE doing to prepare for our 24-hour walk? Well, Marco is staying with his
daily routine of biking, swimming and walking, along with the extra errands needed to
tend to last minute details and publicity. We will be doing radio spots three days next
week. Marco has been on the radio before but I never have. I am not sure I will have
the courage to actually say anything the day I will be there, but I will try, even if
all I manage is Hello!

I have my own daily routine: gardening and housework one day, walking the next. Next
week’s schedule will be only a little different because I will not do any heavy outside
work (no weeding or clipping grass, no digging…much more of the sit under the tree
type of gardening that I talked about in RECHARGE) and only baby walks of from three to
six hours.

I have been participating in ultramarathons for seven years but I still become a bundle
of nerves before each event, right up to start time when I take that first official
step and totally relax. So my main work from now until the 19th will be to keep myself
tranquil mentally. But it is impossible to keep from being excited about next weekend!!
We will visit a friend’s farm where there will be activities for everyone and a course
measured for those who wish to run or walk as part of their Earth’s Day Challenge. We
plan on doing a few laps around this course with anyone who is there, then going on our
way and returning at least once more during the 24 hours. As you can see, our day will
be a mix of planning and inspired guidance.

Our first date was a seven mile walk in the Arizona desert. Later we went even farther,
taking picnic lunches in packs and exploring the country. This Earth’s Day Challenge
already has the feel of those desert walks since we are not going to be in our usual
forest park and we will not have a tent set up anywhere. That means that we will carry
backpacks with a few things we might need, but we will swing around to the house before
we start the after dark portion of the walking in order to keep from carrying the night
gear around.

Just one more thing to say, and then I will get started working towards that tranquil
THE 19th!!!


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