Even though I am usually a positive person, I have my moments of OH, WHY BOTHER…WHAT

These thoughts come to each of us for various reasons. Maybe job stress is driving you
to distraction, or you have financial worries. Perhaps you have stumbled upon a loved
one’s true personality and it is different from what you had believed for so long; or
you feel that you are not accomplishing all those Great Things you dreamed of doing.
How do you cope with these jolts that life sends you?

For myself, two things help to get me centered again: walking and gardening. What I
think of as a Recharge Walk has no destination and no planned route. The secret is to
pick my direction at each corner or crossroad and simply go where the walking takes me.
I tell myself as I walk that this is also the secret to living: you have to be willing
to go where Life takes you, even if it is not where you thought you would be going.

Recharge Gardening can be a morning full of little chores, such as clearing weeds away
from the rose beds, trimming nopal, or trying to keep one step ahead of the monster
grass that seems to grow six inches overnight every night once the rains come.

But Recharge Gardening is also simply sitting under one of the sapote trees and being
still enough that the lizards run across your feet on their way to wherever lizards
are always in such a hurry to go. Watching a lemon yellow butterfly explore a fig tree.
Being amazed at the sight of the seventy-year old lime tree with a cloud of tiny new
blossoms. Listening to wind in the leaves overhead, birds arguing, or the whir and
chirp of a hummingbird zipping around.

All these elements of Nature carry on day in and day out without worrying about the
future, without regretting the past, without complicating the present. Why can’t we do
the same? Why do we make Life so difficult? It is supposed to be fun…hard work, of
course, but still fun. It IS possible, but we have to take the first step on our own,
no one will do it for us.

Earth’s Day would be a perfect symbolic time to start a Recharge routine so on April
19th take a deep breath, then take that first step and rediscover your Natural Self.


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