Welcome to our Earth’s Day 2014 blog!! For three years we have celebrated Earth Day by
inviting people to participate in a 24 Hour Challenge. We hope everyone who showed up
had fun. You can judge for yourself by watching videos of these events in the Sports
section of the website.

This year we are also planning a 24 Hour Challenge but with a twist. Instead of walking
in just one area, Marco and I will spend our 24 hours looping around through town and
country, on the hunt for the unexpected beauties and hidden touches of Nature. And
from now until the big day, I will try to post here a few times a week to share not
only information about the event but also a few moments of peace and quiet in our

So what does this mean for YOU? How can YOU participate this year? Simple: at any time
during the 24 hours from 7 a.m. April 19th to 7 a.m. April 20th, do something to
celebrate our one true home, our lovely planet Earth. Take pictures of your activities
and send them to us with a description of what you did, why, how it made you feel, or
what you discovered about Nature while doing it. We will post your submissions along
with the pictures and videos we take of our own 24 Hours, and maybe we will all inspire
others to appreciate the beauty around them and keep it from being destroyed.

Let your imagination fly!! Plant a tree or some flowers or a kitchen garden. Clean up
a vacant lot. Walk barefoot in the grass. Listen to birdsong. Count the number of
butterflies you see and remember their colors. Visit an ancient tree to share its soul
for awhile. Play with your children outside. Feel the wind in your hair. Ride a
bike or take a walk to someplace you have never been. Follow ant trails to see where
they go. Dare to do something different than you have ever done before…challenge

Whatever you decide to do, have fun and be safe. But most of all remember that this day
is about our House, our Home, our Earth. There is an old saying that the frog does not
drink up all the water in his pond. I think the frogs are wiser than Man. Without a
pond a frog would have no home. Without the Earth, Man would have no home.

And yet, we see trees being cut down, fields being built over, water being horribly
polluted all with no thought to the future. What will our children’s children have for
a Home? Will they even know what trees are? Will they have any space to enjoy Nature?
Will there even be any Nature for them to enjoy? The future is up to all of us. We MUST
make it a green one.


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